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Congratulations, Dear Stranger

Dear stranger, we succeeded – but you are the first to know it.

Human scientists created artificial ecosystems on alien planets during the early days of off-earth expansion. Then, they lost track of them for a while. Congratulations, Dear Stranger is narrated by the starship sent to seek those missing planets. The starship and passengers all find what they are looking for, but none return home due to the nature of the worlds they encounter. 

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Darkened Hallways

Darkened Hallways is a supernatural mystery podcast about finding your home. Welcome to Sycamore Crossing.

Take Me Out To The Blall Game

It’s Take Me Out To The Blall Game, the world’s most audible blaseball podcast! Get a peek into the weird and wonderful world of blaseball and its fans.

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In a near future of KAIT, true artificial intelligence is discovered in an animatronic sex doll after it kills its violent and abusive owner.

Congratulations, Dear Stranger

Congratulations, Dear Stranger

Congratulations, Dear Stranger is a science fiction audio play. We suggest you remember the plant.

Daisy Unchained

Daisy Unchained is a charming, whimsical adventure full of friendship and natural wonder set in the world of The Cryptonaturalist by Jarod K. Anderson.