Hear Me Out Productions Presents

Hear Me Out Productions presents: Our radio plays. We love to tell self-contained stories, and we’re thrilled to share them with you.

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Congratulations, Dear Stranger

“Dear stranger, we succeeded – but you are the first to know it.”

Human scientists created artificial ecosystems on alien planets during the early days of off-earth expansion. Then, they lost track of them for a while. Congratulations, Dear Stranger is narrated by the starship sent to seek those missing planets. The starship and passengers all find what they are looking for, but none return home due to the nature of the worlds they encounter.

Congratulations, Dear Stranger is a science fiction audio play. Runtime approx. 90 minutes.  We suggest you remember the plant.

Daisy Unchained

A whimsical glance into a podcaster’s adventure in the Adirondacks! Join Daisy as she discovers that there is more to the alpine wilderness of upstate New York than most people think. With the help of her quirky new friends, she embarks on a journey of discovery.

Daisy Unchained is a quick, delightful romp set in the world of The Cryptonaturalist by Jarod K. Anderson. This charming tale of friendship and natural wonder will warm your heart.